Anne-Marie Helland resigns as Secretary General of Norwegian Church Aid

-Based on a thorough process, the Board of Directors express their lack of confidence in Anne-Marie Helland. Consequently, both parties have come to an agreement that she will resign with immediate effect, states Chairperson Kjetil Aano.

Kjetil Aano, Chairperson of Norwegian Church Aid.
Kjetil Aano, Chairperson of Norwegian Church Aid.

Lisa Sivertsen, Head of the Department for Politics and Society, is now serving as Acting Secretary General of Norwegian Church Aid. All requests related to this announcement are referred to Chairperson Kjetil Aano.

Statement from Anne-Marie Helland:

-This has been a straightforward process. When the board expresses lack of confidence, you only have one conclusion to draw as a leader reporting directly to the board of directors. I am stepping aside and making room for a new Secretary General. To me there is little drama in this.

I am deeply grateful for having had the chance to lead such a competent and courageous organisation for over six years. NCA is full of wonderful employees who carry forth the Norwegian Church Aid's vision and distinctiveness.

It so happens that I am currently hospitalized due to an acute disease under medical examination. I, therefore, ask for understanding that it is difficult for me to be available for further comments.


Contact person: 

Kjetil Aano, Chairperson of the board
Tel: +47 466 27 611