The Development Conference 2015 will be hosted on the 12th of November at Ullevål Stadion in Oslo.

9.30 Registration and coffee


10.00 Opening remarks

Is it typically Nordic to be exceptional?

10.10 What are the role of the Nordics, and where should the Nordics go?

Opportunities and expectations related to the Nordic Exceptionalism.

Key note speakers

Professor Jeffrey Sachs  Professor Jeffrey Sachs Columbia University.

Rev. Suzanne Matale  Suzanne Matale Zambia Council of Churches.

Erik Solheim  Erik Solheim Chair of OECD DAC.

11.00 Music by Bretton Woods


11.15 Are we seeing the beginning of the end of Nordic Exceptionalism?

Presentation of the findings from the report:
'The End of Nordic "Exceptionalism"?' by Morten Emil Hansen, Policy Advisor, Denmark

Heidi Hautala, member of the European Parliament, former minister of international development, Finland (Video)

Tone Skogen, Deputy Minister, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Bård Vegar Solhjell, Member of Parliament, Socialist Left Party, Norway

Moderator: Morten Emil Hansen

12.30 Lunch


13.30 The Nordic approach on private sector-led development efforts

In a time of declining development aid, we see an increase in the efforts of using aid to support the private sector, often called a "win-win". Who wins more and who looses? 

Espen Villanger researcher at Christian Michelsens Institutt

Morten Jerven researcher at Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

Vitalice Meja, Executive Director, Reality of Aid Africa

Jonas Nøddekjær, Director of Development, Danish Church Aid

Niina Mäki, KEPA, Finland

Moderator: Catharina Bu, Save the Children Norway

14.30 Break


15.00 The Nordic Model and social security — a success worth exporting?

What are the Nordic lessons from universal welfare systems, and how are they relevant in a development context? What similarities and dissimilarities between the Nordic countries can be identified and brought forward? 

Olli Kangas Professor and Research Director at Kela Social Insurance Institution

Gunilla Palm, Policy Advisor, Church of Sweden

Representative from Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute, South Africa (Video)

16.00 Wrap up

Isaiah Kipyegon, ACT Alliance Global Advocacy and Policy Coordinator