Malawi struck by floods again: Urgent to provide help

Malawi is once again hit by huge natural forces. The death toll is rising after Cyclone "Freddy" hit this weekend. People lack everything from water to food.

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"The same areas, the same people who lost everything in two cyclones in 2022, are once again experiencing the effects of climate change in the worst imaginable way", says Country Director for NCA in Malawi, Håvard Hovdhaugen.

NCA is now working hard to get an overview of the damage.

Half a million people in need of humanitarian aid

Close to half a million people are in need of humanitarian aid, according to the UN's emergency aid office. Although the wind calmed down on Monday, there is flooding in many places. It also increases the risk of the spread of infectious diseases such as cholera.

It is also expected that the storm will hit Northeastern Zimbabwe and Southeastern Zambia.

Everything has been washed away. Homes, livestock and crops have been washed away by the huge masses of water and many lives have been lost.

According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), "Freddy" is set to become the longest-lasting cyclone ever recorded. The cyclone has been circulating in Southeastern Africa for one month.

Gripping stories

Hovdhaugen has previously himself visited the areas which have again been affected by floods. The updates he now receives from partners and colleagues after Cyclone "Freddy" bear witness to great destruction and a hopeless situation.

"I have been told gripping stories. Among other things from one of the priests at the Catholic Church. He says that many people feel unsafe, that the situation is terrible, there is no electricity or water. Bridges are washed away. He says that they have big problems, that everything is sad and asks us to pray for them", says Hovdhaugen.

According to Nasa, "Freddy" also has the highest accumulated cyclone energy ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere.

"NCA knows the area well and has partners on the ground who are ready to assist. During last year's two cyclones, we provided clean water, water jugs, hygiene items and tents. In addition to building toilets".

Hovdhaugen emphasizes that it is urgent to get help.

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Photos: Lunth TV.