Meet Beauty, one of our volunteers in Bangladesh

Our MFA funded WASH Project, with implementing partner NGOF, in the Teknaf area near the Rohingya refugee camps of Bangladesh lets volunteers help teach their communities about good hygiene. Beauty is one of these volunteers.

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There are about 1400 people living in 160 families in the town of Jolodas Para, almost all ​​of them are either fisherman or barbers.  

After the arrival of the Rohingya, the area was particularly affected as the government has now completely banned fishing in the Naf River. 

- Many families have lost their one and only source of income. My family is no exception. In the meanwhile, Corona came and increased our misery, said Beauty Das, one of the best skilled volunteers of the NGO Forum (NGOF)-NCA Team.

- June 2020 is a memorable month of my life as I got the opportunity to work in the Hygiene team of NGOF as a volunteer. Through various training workshops, I came to know how important it is to follow the hygiene rules every day in order to survive in a healthy way.

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Every day like the other volunteers, Beauty conducted door to door visit and arranged group sessions to make the people aware of the importance of good hygiene.

- We made them aware of regular hand washing with soap, safe sanitation, water safety plan, ways to deal with Corona and menstrual hygiene management and have distributed specific items time to time,Beauty says.

She has made a place for herself among the villagers through effective community engagement and rapport building. 

- When I call someone to a session, no matter how busy they may be, everyone comes to hear with interest what I will share today..

Beauty is a role model in her area today.- Every day when I go out of the house, everyone looks for me.  I understand that my words are very valuable to them. I'm enjoying this role and I would like to thank NGO Forum and NCA for creating opportunities for me and the peoples are in need.

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Pictures from our partner NGOF.​