A platform for interaction and shared learning​

Since 2005, NCA Pakistan has been supporting door opening for social cohesion and intra- inter-faith harmony in Pakistan. In continuation to such efforts NCA's Peacebuilding/social cohesion programme in Pakistan has been focusing on capacity building of partners and communities to become resources for community peace efforts.

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From October 17-21, 2022, NCA Pakistan held a Training of Trainers Workshop about Social Cohesion and Peacebuilding Skills.

In order to strengthen partners' thematic capacity on social cohesion and co-existence skills, a five-days (October 17-21, 2022) Training of Trainers (ToT) Workshop has been organized. The workshop served the purpose of equipping participants with knowledge, and dispute resolution skills with the aim to develop a pool of master trainers who could impart these skills further to local communities in different areas of the country.

The workshop was attended by 16 partner programme staff and community leaders including eight female participants representing Hindu, Christian and Muslim community leaders from Sindh, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. External thematic experts and in-house facilitators imparted social cohesion skills to the participants. The training covered topics of "basic concepts of social cohesion and co-existence; negotiation and mediation skills; role of Local Peace Structures (LPS) for dispute resolution; role of women and youth as agents of change; and rights of religious minorities. The participants also received training on engagement with duty bearer for policy reforms; role of faith actors in promotion of religious harmony and responsible use of print, electronic and social media to promote acceptance for diversity and discourage divisions/hate speech.

The participants at the end of the workshop devised action plans for trainings to the members of different Local Peace Structure formed in the target areas. ToT workshop have also served as a platform for interaction and shared learning for trainees that will help develop coordination and understanding among participants representing different faith communities. During the feedback session the participants appreciated NCA for providing them a good learning opportunity that will help them in their pursuit for a moderate and tolerant social order in Pakistan. 

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