The Great Silence In War

Sexual assault is used as a weapon in war.

What is being done?

What is being done?

Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) is a diaconal organisation mandated by churches and Christian organisations in Norway to work with people around the world to eradicate poverty and injustice. For the past 70 years we have, and will continue, to work to create safe and resilient communities to protect and save the lives of people living in extreme poverty, fragility and emergencies.

Given NCA’s faith-based identity, the organisation has a long history of mobilizing religious leaders to condemn gender based violence, to advocate for health services for the poor and marginalized and to change attitudes and practices, which has been documented to lead to a reduction of violence.

NCA works actively to provide a multisectoral response to survivors of all types of gender-based violence. Survivors require not only adequate and affordable health services, but also psychosocial support for themselves and their families to ensure reintegration into communities after atrocities. NCA therefore works at the community level with partners to help strengthen the capacity of multiple services for survivors and to engage in advocacy towards local, national and regional authorities.

NCA’s gender based violence programmes are currently in: North Iraq, Lebanon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, Somalia, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Sudan, Malawi, Zambia, Guatemala, Myanmar, Pakistan, Burundi, and the Lake Chad Basin.