Collaboration for change transforming lives and minds for equal citizenship

Pakistan. 2018.

Collaboration for Change transforming lives and minds for equal citizenship.pdf

Program overview

The project was implemented by NCA and its implementing partners in Islamabad Capital Territory and Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Its objective is to contribute to the realization of equal citizenship through active participation of women in public and private life, and promote their leadership potential in line with the constitutional provision that mandates non-discrimination based on sex.

Evaluation overview

The purpose of this evaluation was to assess the performance and outcomes of the project so as to examine the effects it has had on the target beneficiaries, the challenges encountered during project implementation, the weaknesses and strengths besides documenting the lessons learnt and recommendations for future similar programming interventions.

Key findings and recommendations

The final evaluation findings illustrate that the project interventions were relevant in line with the priorities of the local community as well as provincial and national development plans, contributing to the realization of equal citizenship and women's active participation in public life. Because the project outcomes were linked with the national development plans, it successfully contributed to create a sense of equal citizenship through diverse activities leading to its objective and long term impact. The women leadership skills training to participate in public life, engagement of men, and youth both boys and girls, mentoring sessions, community awareness sessions and engagement of religious scholars were instrumental in creating space for women participation in public life. Though the project lacks proper phase out/exit strategy, the improvement in women leaders overall agency, entrepreneurship and income growth and overall role in the society, the evaluation concludes that there is a trend towards the sustainability of these interventions.

The evaluation recommends considering M&E components in future similar projects as systematic monitoring is very essential to keep progress tracking and facilitate learning. Also, a  more focused approach with a targeted segment group may be more beneficial. One should also build capacity through follow ups and training, develop a suitable budget and focus on engaging the relevant stakeholders.