NCA Resource Gouvernment Programme

Zambia. September 2018.


Program overview

The Resources Governance (RG) Program aims at achieving equity accountability and transparency in national resources to reduce poverty and contribute to development in the country. In this regard the programs' objective is to strengthen governance, responsibility, ownership, and accountability structures, by promoting pro-poor policy and legal framework.

Evaluation overview

The evaluation is a midterm-evaluation, which seeks to assess achievements made by the project and its implementing partners against the Results Framework outcomes. In addition, the evaluation wants to assess the impact and sustainability of the intervention.

Key findings and recommendations

The evaluation finds that the program has achieved grassroots advocacy, making the communities aware of their rights and shared skills to demand for change and strategies to resist injustices. At the national level, the program has made collaborative relations with the government and succeeded in bringing on suitable policies. This is work in progress stumbled by delayed policy implementation from the Government. The implementing partners and other networks have formed the basis for this movement of change, though there is a need to identify and collaborate more with other alliances. In addition to building alliances, the evaluation recommends focusing on building program strength and sustainability, collaborating more with the media, and getting more knowledge on local acts and bills.