Health, HIV and AIDS programme

Malawi. October 2016.


Program overview

The program's objective was to improve access to quality health care and wellbeing for the mothers, children, including men in targeted communities in Malawi. Partners in this programme planned and implemented interventions in various thematic areas; with training; advocacy; infrastructure development and service delivery as major components. Implementing partners were faith-based organizations, health training colleges, health facilities and their surrounding communities.

Evaluation overview

This is an end of programme evaluation report, that assesses to which the programme has addressed and contributed towards achieving results in key health areas and determining the space between the project implementation and results.

Key findings and recommendations       

This evaluation concludes that the programme was the right delivery vehicle which enabled NCA to translate long term goals into action. It delivered on all outcomes; and was strategic - worked with partners who have strong legitimacy and representation in their communities. Doing so enabled the programme to respond to the call by Malawi Government to improve quality and quantity of health workers. As a result, significant contributions were made towards improving access to health services by mothers and children; supporting HIV and AIDS infected and affected children; building capacities of partners and CHAM secretariat and strengthened relationships among them.

However, the concern lies in the fact that the implementation period was too short; especially considering the numerous delays that characterized it. Next time, the recommendation is to thoroughly prepare the partners before starting the program. In addition, one should consider several factors that determine access to health services, focus on more inclusion of males and work more on improving economic conditions to the most vulnerable target groups.