Commnity based measures to curb Violence Against Women and Girls 1.

Pakistan. 2018.

Evaluation-Innvoative Model for Curbing VAWG.pdf

Program overview

The programs' main objective was to strengthen community-based measures to curb violence against women and girls (VAWG) in Mansehra, Nawabshah and Mirpurkhas districts, Pakistan.

Evaluation overview

The objective of the evaluation was to evaluate the project's design and implementation of innovative methods, and overall progress with an emphasis on results, and achievements, focusing on providing an understanding of achievements, challenges and successes.

Key findings and recommendations

The project was highly relevant to the needs of community members, and contributed to awareness raising, sensitization of communities and advocacy. The project successfully engaged several duty bearers and significantly contributed to providing enhanced access to services for survivors of VAWG. Nevertheless, structural issues underlying the patriarchal culture responsible for VAWG were not addressed.

The evaluation recommends expanding beyond the existing target districts. NCA and its partners should try to mainstream the project in the government system by transferring ownership of the model to the most relevant government agencies. Recommendations also include knowledge transfer to smaller community-based groups, focus more on networking and building political influence.