Commnity based teachers training: Midterm review

South Sudan. August 2018.

Mid Term Evaluation Community Based Teachers Training.pdf

Program overview

The program is a part of NCAs South-Sudan programme. The overall goal of the programme is to increase the quality of untrained teachers in primary schools in former Eastern Equatoria and former Warrap States.                                 

Evaluation overview

This is a mid-term evaluation, whose main objectives have been to assess the performance of the program content against intended objectives and outcomes. In addition, the evaluation seeks to assess the appropriateness of different models of implementation and determine relevance, efficiency, and effectiveness of the intervention. One has also assessed the extent to which gender, conflict sensitivity, environment and protection issues are being addressed in the programme.

Key findings and recommendations

The evaluation finds that varied education levels presented a challenge in learning of the trainees. Also, the curriculum has gaps and is inadequate for the two identified groups below ‘O’level. Sustainability was mentioned in the programme plan but needs further comprehensive review. In addition, the uncertainty of the conflict situation in South Sudan impacted on NCAs employment of qualified staff.

To improve the programme going forward, the evaluation recommends categorizing trainees, reviewing the curriculum, and uplifting the teacher training. In addition, one should focus on follow-ups with stakeholders, increase the programmes reach and improve the facilities. One should also visualize a strategic plan.