Mid-Term Review: Country Strategy

Somalia. April 2019.

MTR Final Report NCA.pdf

Program overview

Somalia has struggled with the ruins and attendant consequences of conflict, violence, and human right violations for close to three decades. The situation has been compounded by cyclic drought, poor economic conditions, and massive displacement. The formulation of NCA Somalia strategy found 1.1 million displaced and up to 3 million people in need of lifesaving and livelihood support in the country. The situation called for continued NCA response within existing and new structures customized to the humanitarian needs and dynamics in the context. The sectoral focus of the strategy included Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Gender Based Violence, Economic Empowerment and Education for sustainable development. The NCA 2016-2020 was formulated to respond to these needs from previous efforts customized to changes in the operating environment.

Evaluation overview

At the implementation midway, a review was envisioned to take stock of progress informing the remaining phase and the next strategy. The purpose of the MTR was to specifically assess the extent to which each thematic programme is progressing towards its stated outcomes and targets to provide actionable recommendations. The review also assessed the relevance and validity of each programme’s Theory of Change, examined if the changes anticipated at the outset of the country strategy are within reach, which factors are proving critical in making change happen or in hindering change.

Key findings and recommendations

The evaluation concludes that several of the programs (WASH, GBV, Economic Empowerment, Education for Sustainable Development and Emergence Response), were successful in some of the programmes target areas. Due to the difficult operational climate and security concerns, it is difficult to both track progress and to fulfill the intended interventions. Due to the wide coverage of the report, please see dedicated chapters for more in-depth information.