Reduction and mitigation of GBV

Lebanon. February 2018.

Reduction and Mitigation.pdf

Program overview

The overall goal of the project was to reduce and mitigate gender-based violence among Syrian refugees in Lebanon and ensure a better quality of life for women and children who are survivors of Gender Based Violence (GBV) though contributing to improved protection, prevention, and service provision.

Evaluation overview

This external evaluation pursued as an overall objective to: Document and report on the achievement of results, intended and unintended, of project activities as a part of organizational learning and NCA’s accountability to both target populations and donors.

Key findings and recommendations

Despite the instability and the demanding situation in the country, the project was implemented with success. The evaluation finds that the project provided services to survivors and perpetrators and addressed the importance of sensitization and awareness as well as promoting behavioral change. The intervention improved different actors’ understanding of their responsibilities on GBV, creating synergies with other organizations working in Lebanon to achieve relevant changes.

The evaluation recommends the continuation of the project with a third phase, and with some changes. One should set the goals of having a 365-day reach, in addition to shifting some operational procedures in connection with the men's center. The participation and accountability should be improved, and follow-up systems should be implemented. Other recommendations include improving the funding plan, creating specific activities for teenagers, engaging religious leaders, and guaranteeing access to education. One should also streamline M&E data collection.