There are considerable gaps in the degree of human development between and within countries. The rapidly growing disparity between the rich and poor leads to increased instability and conflict.
​To create sustainable change for people living in poverty, NCA works to address the root causes to poverty and injustice. NCA and our partners work to empower women, men and youth to influence decisions that affect their development and to hold governments and companies accountable for their actions. ​​​

how we work on economic inequality

Norwegian Church Aid work both to eradicate poverty and to reduce economic inequality in its programs and through our influencing work. Economic inequality is increasing within most countries. Economic inequality hinders economic growth, undermines democracy, and harms gender equality. NCA works for inclusive growth, progressive taxation, social protection and against debt-induced austerity.

how we work on climate politics

NCA is advocating for climate justice in Norway and globally. Through participation in international and Norwegian policy processes, we build alliances with civil society, mobilize people, and provide policy recommendations to decision makers. We are lobbying the Norwegian government, political parties in Parliament, and delegates from different nations in international negotiations. Our policy asks are developed based on the latest science and thorough analysis. We organize campaigns in our ecumenical network in Norway and globally to increase the pressure on our politicians – for climate justice.

how we work on global tax politics

NCA is working both nationally and internationally to achieve a UN Tax Convention. We are doing lobbying to influence the Norwegian Government and the UN General Assembly, we reach out to media, we do social media campaigns and make communication material to our grass-roots network. Several people in different NCA divisions are working on this cause – mainly the division for international programmes, the division for politics and society, and the division for communications.

how we work on achieving 1 percent of gni for oda

The Politics and Society Division works to influence and change the decisions and actions that produce poverty and injustice. Over the last few years, securing at least 1 % of GNI for the Norwegian aid budget annually, has been a part of our main policy and advocacy work in Norway. NCA write inputs and attend parliamentarian hearings during the budget negotiations. Further, together with other humanitarian NGOs, we invite ourselves to meet with the political parties in parliament, to influence the negotiations.