Girls and women

Where people have it bad, girls and women have it worst. In a few communities, women of immense kindness, strength, and courage act in the face of adversity. Sadly, we have all seen in the media how such initiatives can be broken by ruthless regimes. Every girl and woman have the right to live in dignity — free of fear, coercion, violence, and discrimination.

Every girl and woman have the right to health, including sexual and reproductive health. Every girl and woman have the right to live a life with dignity

Boys and young men

In most African countries unemployment is staggering. In Somalia alone the unemployment rate for men aged 18-30 is 65%. At a work skills training centre in Malawi, founded by a donor and Norwegian Church Aid, a young man was given his first pay for a single day of work. He stared at the money in his palm for a long time while tears slowly trickled down his face. After a long silence he spoke, “This is the first money I have ever held in my hand that is mine.”. As if reborn and with an empowered voice, he continued, “I feel strong.”


Across West and Central Africa, migrants, particularly young people, and women, are often coerced or lured from their communities under false pretences, into dangerous journeys by smugglers and traffickers who prey on their vulnerability. This does not reflect on the basic dignity, which is a concept that has widespread purchase in African cultures, religions, and languages. The strengthening of communities is central in Norwegian Church Aid’s programmes, helping people to live and contribute near their home, in orr near their community. As a partner or donor you could be important in helping a whole community, empowering a number of families.

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