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The private, corporate sector has incredibly high ambitions on behalf of our planet. Let us be a part of your journey and join ours. Help those who are most vulnerable and afflicted by climate change and tell your employees how and why your organisation contributes to our climate, environmental challenges and goals, and basic humanitarian needs.

Our goal

The overall ambition of NCA’s work with the private sector is to increase the development impact of NCA’s efforts to save lives and seek justice. We aim to achieve this through the following goals: ​

  1. ​By 2025, NCA will be one of the leading actors among Norwegian NGOs in developing new forms of cooperation with the private sector.

  2. By 2025, NOK 50 million of NCA’s revenues will come from cooperation with the private sector.

  3. By 2023, NCA will have a major cooperation project in place with one or more private actors.​

How can your organisation contribute?

Project cooperation​

Our project cooperation programmes are linked to global goals and indicators. If you are open for developing and taking part in international project activities, we will assist you in finding better ways of reaching your sustainability goals.

Strive for innovation

Being an innovative organisation is not what you are. It’s a progressive, basic motivation that moves your company forward all the time. Somehow, ingenuity thrives where the preconditions are challenging at its best. Innovation and ingenuity complete each other, and through projects based on humanitarian effort, you will benefit from both.

Let your employees reflect on a global approach

Anywhere your employees work it’s part of their global​ contribution. Together we can enlighten them about how they are important pieces of the great puzzle, not small and insignificant ones. Let us contribute to motivating human resources through action.

Our work together will be based on a real need basis

The improbability of being born into a wealthy welfare society is enormous. We all know that, but how can we turn that knowledge into action. We know how important internal marketing is for your organisation, and will contribute significantly to informing your human resources through words, pictures and results.

Together for a just world

Being part of our NCA world is advocacy in action. It will market your organisation in an incredible way, creating real ripple effects, both internally and externally. It will help us help people in need – and save lives.

Join our journey – You can contribute!

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