Staff- & Self-Care Consultant

Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) invites you to submit a proposal for consultancy service for staff- & self-care.

The Service is required for developing a staff care and self-care package for staff working with GBV survivors, an intervention supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Please find enclosed the following documents which constitute the Request for Proposal:


A – Instructions

B – Draft Contract

      Annex 1:  Terms of Reference

      Annex 2:    Organisation and Methodology Form (to be completed by the Candidate)

      Annex 3:    Proposal Submission Form (to be completed by the Candidate)

      Annex 4:    General Terms and Conditions for Service Contracts

      Annex 5:    Code of Conduct for Contractors

Staff Care Consultant_ser-2-request-for-proposal-jan-2019 (1) (003).docx (Word) 

Date of issue:


RFP no.:


Contract title:

Staff- & Self-Care Consultant

Closing date:

03 May 2020 @ 24:00 GMT

Contracting Authority:


Norwegian Church Aid


Contact person: Bernhard Hagen Skarpeid

Tel: +47 908 555 39


Please note that the Proposals may be delivered to the Contracting Authority by e-mail to