Climate Resilient WASH

4.1 # of people using at least basic sanitation services in daily life


This indicator assesses the number of people using basic sanitation services in their premises - one of the most effective measures for preventing diarrhea and other life-threatening diseases. 

This indicator links directly to SDG 1.4.1. The global Joint Monitoring Program (JMP) which measures our progress to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), measures two levels of access – to a basic service and to a safely managed service.  Data on this may be able feed into national SDG reporting.  The indicator also links to humanitarian minimum standards (Sphere) and is likely to be a WASH cluster / sector indicator.


Baseline, annually, and endline.

Data Source

KAP survey (household level).

How to Collect

How to analyse

Household survey to assess % sanitation coverage in a geographical unit. Then multiply with an estimate of population of the geographical unit.

Dissagregate data by

Gender Age Wealth Diversity Not applicable

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