Climate Resilience WASH


Compulsory indicators

Sub-goal 1: People participate in and influence decision making about all WASH services that affect them

1.1 # of communities expressing satisfaction with the way duty bearer address community WASH needs

Sub-goal 2: People are able to prepare and respond to climate-related hazards and natural disasters affecting WASH services

2.1 # of communities that completed key activities to increase climate resilience WASH services

Sub-goal 3: People practice good hygiene measures to protect against key public and personal health risks

3.1 % of people who washed their hands with soap in at least 3 out of 5 critical occasions in the past 24 hours

Sub-goal 4: People access sustainable, adequate and equitable basic sanitation services

4.1 # of people using at least basic sanitation services in daily life

Sub-goal 5: People access sustainable, safe and affordable basic drinking water supply services

5.1 # of people using at least basic drinking water services

Recommended indicators