Gender-based Violence

1.2 Number of women, girls, men and boys reached through community conversations and dialogues


Provides information on how many women, girls, men and boys are reached with NCA’s programme, this information will be updated on a regular basis. 


The indicator must be reported against continuously- at a minimum bi-annually. Humanitarian programmes receiving funding through the NCA-MFA framework agreement will have to report this data in the online reporting portal on a monthly basis.

Data Source

Community conversation attendance records from facilitators/outreach workers, partners or NCA staff responsible for the outreach activity.  

How to Collect

Outreach workers should record immediately how many women, girls, men and boys participated in CC&D sessions using, where possible, tablets or phones so as to record this data in real-time and in an on-going basis. To measure the level of sustained participation, registration should include some way of recording whether or not this is the first engagement for the participant, e.g. “First time participant” (Y/N).

How to analyse

Data analysis should present (i) overall numbers of women, girls, boys, and men who have participated in CC&D sessions, as well as (ii) % of “first time participants. If the % of first time participants remains the same or increases overtime without an overall increase in participant numbers for the group/project site, this may show a negative trend regarding “sustained” participation, and would warrant further investigation by NCA/partners.

Dissagregate data by

Gender Age Wealth Diversity Not applicable

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