Gender-based Violence

4.2 % of maternal deaths among adolescents in targeted areas


The purpose of this indicator is to measure the maternal mortality rate among adolescents. See indicator 4.1 for guidance, and calculate the % of adolenscents among the maternal mortality rate.


Baseline, endline.

Data Source

Vital registration, health service records, household surveys, census.

How to Collect

Measuring maternal mortality accurately is difficult except where comprehensive registration of deaths and of causes of death exists. Elsewhere, census, surveys or models have to be used to estimate levels of maternal mortality. Population based surveys are the primary source of information for calculating the maternal mortality ratio in many developing countries. These types of surveys include:

How to analyse

The % of maternal deaths among adolescent girls is calculated by deriving the % of adolescents for the MMR under indicator 4.1

Dissagregate data by

Gender Age Wealth Diversity Not applicable

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