Gender-based Violence

5.1 # of women who accessed comprehensive sexuality education and modern family planning


By counting the number using family planning methods, the indicator will measure performance in relation to women and girls accessing CSE and family planning. 



Data Source

Health clinics, partners records.

How to Collect

Records should be maintained by partners (including health clinics where relevant) regarding the numbers of client service users and the type(s) of services utilised- e.g. consultation, training, and family planning methods. Family planning methods should be disaggregated by type following the WHO list of methods. Where possible, tablets or smart phones should be used to collect real-time data. However, to protect user identity and comply with GDPR guidelines, sensitive personal data should never be collected or shared. A coding system should be applied to protect the anonymity of service users and should be applied for all client records.

How to analyse

Not relevant.

Dissagregate data by

Gender Age Wealth Diversity Not applicable

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