3.1 % of people with a positive view on the peace structure


Indicator 3.2. assesses the number of conflicts addressed by the peace structure.  

Indicator 3.1. assesses the quality of this work by evaluating the satisfaction of users with the peace structure. 


Baseline, (midline), and endline

Data Source

Individual or household surveys covering:

  • A representative sample of the population who has benefited from the peace structure’s work.
  • Individuals and groups involved/affected by the conflicts that were addressed (representative from all groups in conflict)

How to Collect


Do you know about the PB (1) structure? YES/NO.

If yes, how much do you agree with the following statements? (2)

How to analyse

Questions a. to e. above are scored as follows:  


Dissagregate data by

Gender Age Wealth Diversity Not applicable

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