Strengthening Civil Society

1.1 # of right-holders organised (mobilised) for collective action on common interests


This indicator measures the number of rights holders moblised towards a specific shared objective/interest. In this context, # of rights holders mobilised/organised refers to both formal and informal collective actions. Some examples might include (WASH Committees (# of participants not # of committees), Women’s groups, Parent’s Groups, VICOBA groups, non-violent demonstrations, campaigns, etc.).



Data Source

The source will depend on the context, the type of mobilisation/collective action and goal of the mobilisation/collective action, but suggested sources are:

How to Collect

  • To figure out number of right-holders organised: Have attendance sheets on meetings and gatherings; headcounts during events; review of other documentation; interviews with key informants
  • Gender & age: member registers or questionnaire
  • Details about the mobilisation: facilitating partners will report on this.

How to analyse

To be developed.

Dissagregate data by

Gender Age Wealth Diversity Not applicable

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