Strengthening Civil Society


Compulsory indicators

Sub-goal 1: Rights-holders are mobilised for collective action on common interests

1.1 # of right-holders organised (mobilised) for collective action on common interests 

Sub-goal 2: Duty bearers are held accountable by civil society actors

2.1 # of initiatives by right-holders to hold duty-bearers accountable
2.2 # of advocacy initiatives NCA and partners are involved in leading to change in policies, laws, norms and practices

Sub-goal 3: Underrepresented groups are empowered to participate in decision-making

3.1 % of decision making body members belonging to an underrepresented group

Sub-goal 4: Multi-actor platforms are built to work together for social change

4.1 # of collaborative spaces (multi-actor) established between different actors across divides

Sub-goal 5: Local actors and national NGOs increase their participation in humanitarian response

5.1 % of NCA humanitarian response funding channeled to national/local agencies
5.2 % of NCA humanitarian partners involved in humanitarian coordination platforms at the national or global level

Sub-goal 6: Institutional capacities of partners are strengthened

6.1 Increase of core partners’ scores on capacity development areas
6.2 Usefulness of capacity building towards partners’ goals

Recommended indicators