Strengthening Civil Society

2.1 # of initiatives by right-holders to hold duty-bearers accountable


This indicator measures the frequency of advocacy initiatives across NCA interventions. Advocacy Initiatives in this instance are defined as a deliberate processes to directly and indirectly influence duty bearers, stakeholders, and/or relevant audiences to support and implement actions that contribute to a specific shared objective 1. These include both formal (e.g. formal statements, sanctions, legal actions, etc.) and informal activities that are either public or directed towards a duty bearer.



Data Source

*It is important to note that this indicator measures # of advocacy initiatives per advocacy objective, not per activity.  This means that activities contributing towards the realisation of a specific advocacy objective will not be counted, but only the advocacy objective itself.  For example, an advocacy campaign that aims for a policy change on GBV, but has several activities/events/actions (rallies, public statements, etc.) would count as 1 initiative.  

How to Collect

Data collection for this indicator will rely primarily on close interaction with partner organisations during monitoring visits, annual partner meetings and NCA participation in activities/events. 

How to analyse

Dissagregate data by

The data collected for this indicator should be disaggregated by type of initiative (according to the categories below); should describe whether this advocacy initiative is multi-stage (i.e. consisting of many events/activities) or one-off (one event/activity). It is also useful to describe whether this initiative is being carried out unilaterally (only by the partner or NCA), bilaterally or multilaterally (part of a coalition of stakeholders).

Other comments