Strengthening Civil Society

5.1 % of NCA humanitarian response funding channeled to national/local agencies


To give us an indication of relative spending on local versus other types of agencies. The Charter for Change sets a goal of 20% of humanitarian funding directed to local NGOs, as well as transparency about these amounts.

Ideally, the data collected would be broken down by percentage of in-country humanitarian funding directed towards various actors.For example:

12% government 40% INGO 20% local NGO 28% self-implementation


Baseline should measure the % of humanitarian response funding going to local/national agencies.


Data Source

Annual budget and audit financial reports.

How to Collect

Together with relevant finance staff map the transfers of humanitarian funding to national and local agencies. 

How to analyse

See purpose. 

Dissagregate data by

Gender Age Wealth Diversity Not applicable

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