Strengthening Civil Society

3.2 % of these people (those counted in 3.1) who actively participate in decision-making bodies


This indicator measures to what extent underrepresented groups who are members of decision-making bodies (counted in indicator 3.1) feel empowered to make decisions. The understanding of what it means to be involved in decision-making processes may vary in the different contexts, but the participants in the processes should feel ownership in defining the problem, the process for decision-making, and the decision outcomes for it to be fully implemented.



Data Source

Survey of attendees from underrepresented groups

How to Collect

Suggestions for questions on survey

Q1: Do you regularly attend meetings of this group? A: Yes/No

Q2: If not, why?

A: Accessibility/Time/Money/Transportation/Permission/Other

Q3: If yes: To what extent are you involved in making important decisions in the group? A: Never / rarely / sometimes/ often / very often

Q4: When you share your opinions to other group members, how often do they take them into consideration? A: Never / rarely / sometimes/ often / very often

Q5: Do you feel comfortable expressing your opinions within the group? A: Yes/sometimes/no

How to analyse

Dissagregate data by

Gender Age Wealth Diversity Not applicable

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