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Norwegian Church Aid has Norwegian churches and congregations as its constituency.

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Dagfinn Høybråten is Secretary General of Norwegian Church Aid, and Tone Lindheim is chair of the organisation’s Board of Directors, consisting of nine members chosen by Norwegian Church Aid’s Board of Delegates, the President of Changemaker and two employee representatives.

The Council is the main representative entity of Norwegian Church Aid, and comprises:

  • Delegates from each diocese of the Church of Norway 
  • Seven members of the Church Council of the Church of Norway (whereof one representative of the Saami Church Council and a youth representative under the age of 30) 
  • Representative of nationwide home mission organisations and organisations for children and youth: Norwegian YMCA-YWCA
  • Two representative from each of the following church communities: the Evangelical Lutheran Free Church, the Baptist Union of Norway, The Mission Covenant Church of Norway, the Salvation Army, United Methodist Church in Norway and the Pentecostal Movement in Norway.  
  • NORME, Christian Council of Norway meet as observers

As of 2021, 146 people are currently working at NCA's head office in Oslo.

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