SDG 2: End Hunger

End hunger, achieve food security, improved nutrition, and sustainable agriculture

Ending world hunger hinges on the strategy to incorporate food security, better nutrition and sustainable agriculture. Today, there are close to a billion people who go to bed hungry, resulting in dire consequences for their overall health, depriving them of their dignity.

NCA’s strategy

NCA is approaching the challenge of ending world hunger through its integrative conflict-gender-climate sensitive programme modalities that promote sustainable farming, better use of water in agricutlure, seed-bank approach targeting farmers struggling with mono-crop failures. In compliance with the targets under SDG 2, we deliver the following:

  • Public health services to reduce risk of transmissible diseases so that small children are less affected by parasites who affects the uptake of food
  • Support and transform agriculture to be more resilient to changes in weather and climate
  • Increase agricultural productivity and incomes of small scale food producers in NCA and partners’ value addition and value chain development work (also linked to SDG 4 and 5)
  • Collaboration with our partners to address food security in our humanitarian responses.

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