Norwegian Church aid and the SDGs

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) take cue from the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and provide an impetus for equitable progress for developing and developed countries.

The SDGs take stock of the prevalent systemic barriers to development and propose a balance between social, economic and environmental aspects of sustainable development, hitherto overlooked.

Norwegian Church Aid, as a diaconal organization is mandated by churches and Christian organisations in Norway, through its global development framework, works with people around the world to fight poverty and injustice. NCA’s development framework has seven core programme interventions on economic empowerment, peacebuilding, gender equality, climate resilience, resource governance, reproductive health, and WASH, which are in seamless harmony with the 2030 SDG agenda.

Norwegian Church Aid hopes to facilitate the SDG 2030 agenda by relying on its longstanding experience of undertaking integrative programme modalities around the globe. NCA supports the global consensus and commitment to the SDGs 2030 agenda, by taking the role of a gate-keeper in channeling aid, and in assisting state and non-state actors to achieve the SDGs. Our global advocacy strategy vis-à-vis the implementation of SDGs operates at three levels.

In Norway

We will continue to lobby Norwegian government for proactive commitment to SDGs by using them as a benchmark for policy coherence in Norway’s development agenda. Additionally, NCA will monitor Norwegian government’s implementation of SDGs in relation Norwegian Action Plan on global policies, in close partnership with Norwegian Forum for Development and Environment (ForUM).


In countries where we implement our programmes, we aim to strengthen the capacity of our partners, hold governments and private sector responsible, and advocate for coherent policy frameworks for SDG implementation.


We will collaborate with our sister organizations in ACT alliance to rally a wide array of state and non-state stakeholders to push for more coordinated and results-oriented approaches towards SDG 2030 agenda.

NCA will strive to support countries as they identify where they currently stand in relation to the SDGs, propose sustainable pathways to achieve the set targets. NCA’s core strategy in regards to SDGs is:

  • Reaffirm its role as the leading source of expertise innovative solutions, localized and cost effective sustainable project designs and aid modalities to implement and achieve SDG 2030 agenda
  • Better coordination, pooling and aid harmonization
  • Rethinking development finance and diversifying funding sources: official development assistance (ODA), philanthropy, mobilizing FBOs (and secular CSOs) to harness the potential of religion and “faith in action” principles of our diaconal inspiration to fight for social, economic and environmental justice.