Commnity based measures to curb Violence Against Women and Girls 2.

Pakistan. 2018.

An innovative model for strengthening community based measures to curb violence against women and girls (VAWG) in Mansehra, Nawabshah and Mirpurkhas districts, Pakistan.pdf

Program overview   

The overall objective of the action is to contribute to enhanced social and collective action in local communities to detect, prevent and respond to Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG), specifically domestic violence (DV) and forced marriage. The action will address the violation of women and girl's basic human rights by focusing on prevention and response through a two-tiered approach: (1) Survivors of VAWG have enhanced access to justice and safety, through response services, referrals, and adherence to applicable laws; (2) Community measures prevent and act against domestic violence and forced marriages, by empowering women through facilitation of inheritance. Rather than wait for a trickle-down process, the action proactively engages rights holders as well as their communities to promote sustainable change based on ground realities.                                             

Evaluation overview

The purpose of the evaluation was to assess the overall progress and level of achievements made during the program period with a special focus on the results achieved through ongoing project interventions. In addition, the evaluation strives to assess whether the project has had any positive or negative impact, intended or unintended on policy level in public and private sectors and in communities, assess the constraints faced and opportunities available for growth of the project and assess the possible revisions and adjustments required for the next phase of the project.

Key findings and recommendations

The evaluation observes that knowledge of the community groups and leaders about the specific objectives of the action has increased because of their participation in the planned interventions. Both males and females in the community groups are more sensitized about women issues related to GBV (Gender Based Violence). Through the interventions of the action, women's involvement in decision-making related to money matters is now recognized by their males and the younger women have improved mobility. During the evaluation communities reported that some families have now started consulting their girls as well as sons to get their consent for marriage, though their wishes are not always respected. The community groups also reported zero tolerance for GBV in their target areas. According to them, men now realize that they should not lay hands upon their women and promote violence.

Recommendations in the evaluation state that the district watch groups should be more formalized and several changes should be made to ensure sustainability. Advocacy work at the provincial level should be conducted to pressure the state to help address GBV issues. Measures should also be made to secure more stable communication between the participating parties.