NCA's Results Reports

Interested in reading about Norwegian Church Aid's activities this last year? Here is our Global Results Report - the report formally known as our Annual Review.

2020 Results


NCA’s Progress Report 2020 to Norad


2018 Results

Read more about our Results for 2018

Download our Results for 2018 (PDF)

2017 Results


2016 Results


2015 Global Report on Results

Read our Global Report on Results 2015 here

2014 Global Report on Results

Read our Global Report on Results 2011-2014 here

2013 Global Report on Results

The report presents important achievements from NCAs global thematic programmes, the emergency work and the advocacy work for global justice. The report also presents some highlights from NCAs mobilisation of people and resources in Norway. The report provides statistical overview on selected results, expenditure per programme, region and income from donors.

Download our Global Report on Results 2013 here (pdf)

2012 Global Report

The focus of this report is on the results from NCA’s international work, as it relates to the organisation’s Global Strategy (2011–2015). The report covers all NCA’s activities, regardless of funding source, and aims to give a comprehensive picture of what we have achieved with the total resources we have managed to mobilise in 2012.

Download our Global Report for 2012 here (pdf)

2011 Global Report on Results

As of 2011 Norwegian Churhc Aid report on our global results in each of our global thematic programmes in more than 20 countries of implementation. The report also presents results of our work in Norway as a civil society actor for mobilizing people and resources as well as our results from advocacy work on policy in Norway and the international arena.

Download our Report on Results for 2011 here (pdf)