Session 11: Self-care for Care Providers

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  • Build an understanding of the various types of traumatic stress and how they impact you.
  • Gain awareness of the signs of burnout and vicarious trauma.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how to access resources, support for ourselves and practice self-care
  • Understand how to utilize tools and methods for staff care and managing stress.


Facilitator guide


Participant handouts

Key messages

  • Health care providers may be at risk of burnout or secondary trauma
  • Health care providers should be aware of the potential signs of burnout and secondary trauma
  • Self-care is an important way to prevent or manage burnout or secondary trauma
  • Workplaces should support staff through staff care

Required supplies & materials

  • Projector, laptop
  • Pen and blank paper workbook for each participant
  • Flip chart, post-it notes or small pieces of paper, tape