Tonight, 690 million people around the world will go to bed on an empty stomach. Millions of Ukrainians will not have electricity or drinking water, as well as an uncertain tomorrow. Steep rises in the cost of basic commodities like food and fuel, combined with the climate crisis and consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic are forming a triple threat. Some do not even have food or water at all.

For all these human beings, even the smallest of contributions can make a huge difference.

The everyday news can numb us into a kind indifference. Think about it – every single time you hear a siren in your community, someone is struggling. But do we even reflect upon that?

We think that contributing to emergencies also can make a huge difference for you, knowing that you are contributing to immediate change in people’s lives. Norwegian Church Aid deliver and assist partners in rapidly responding to sudden events.

As soon as you complete your donation, your gift will start its journey. From your organisation and your employees and partners to people in immediate need of your help. Our emergency experts distribute resources, and we will quickly inform you where and how your contribution is used.


For people forced to flee the war in Ukraine, we are providing winter supplies and helping reinforce homes and shelters against the harsh weather. Millions of Ukrainians are facing winter in displacement or are living in damaged homes, with disrupted energy, heating and water supplies and lost livelihoods.


Devastating floods have killed over a thousand people in Pakistan and left more than 6 million in desperate need. Heavy monsoon rains damaged more than a million homes, swept away entire villages, livelihoods, crops, schools, and roads. Families are in urgent need of food, clean drinking water and shelter.


Somalia faces catastrophic hunger, with the country devastated by the extreme and worsening drought in the Horn of Africa. The situation is worsening in rural areas following consecutive seasons of poor rainfall and low river water levels. These have resulted in near total crop failures and widespread shortage of water and pasture. As local staple food prices continue to rise sharply and livestock prices decrease significantly, access to food is rapidly diminishing among poor families.


In Afghanistan, we are delivering essential items like blankets, solar panels and winter insulation for tents to help vulnerable displaced families through the harsh winter months.

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Some of our corporate partners in Norway support our work with emergency relief.

Donate Directly with tax deduction for organisations with a NO organisation number. The NCA will report gifts given in the name of the company/organisation to the tax authorities. This assumes that the organization number is registered with us.

Norway Donor Acc. 1594 22 87248

If you would like to support our work from outside of Norway, you may use our donation account:

IBAN Acc. NO95 1594 2287 248

Swift-code: DNBANOKK

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