Telethon 2014!

Norwegian Church Aid is hosting Norway's national broadcaster's telethon this year.

"Today more than one billion people lack access to clean water. Together with the Norwegian people we aim at providing lasting clean water to one million people", says Anne-Marie Helland, Norwegian Church Aid General Secretary.

The cover image of the telethon shows a girl carrying water.


Fundamental and life-giving

Norwegian Church Aid has been chosen as the organisation to host Norway's largest fundraising campaign in 2014. The national broadcaster's telethon, "TV-aksjonen", gathers the Norwegian people every fall and collects about 200 million kroner for the chosen organisation. Norwegian Church Aid and our work for the right to clean water will be in focus next year.

"Clean water has great ripple effects, water keeps people healthy. It leads to that girls can go to school, they no longer have to spend their time collecting water. It is fundamental and life-giving, absolutely wonderful", says Helland.

Water for a million

"Access to clean water is also very important when it comes to waterborne diseases, which usually thrives in filthy water. Many children die of waterborne diseases." says Helland.

For more than 30 years, Norwegian Church Aid has developed local solutions through building wells, water pumps, treatment plants and sanitation facilities. Clean water also contributes to the prevention of amongst other diseases, sexual violence and corruption.

"Most people in the world has a water quality of that water we wash down the drain. Here in Norway we are not able to understand the importance of clean water. It is hugely important. We are very excited to take on this job", says Helland.



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