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The Marembo Health Center Water Scheme

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The Marembo Health Center Water Scheme

35 000 people are receiving safer health care through access to safe water.

Much of Burundi's water and sanitation infrastructure was destroyed during the decade-long civil war ending in 2003. Here, some young men are collecting water from a nearby lake that they sell in town, and up until recently, also to the Marembo health centre. Across the world, 842,000 people die every year from diseases caused by unsafe water, inadequate sanitation and hygiene.

Boys fetching water from a lake and selling it to the health center and in town. Photo: Gunvor E. Jakobsen / Kirkens Nødhjelp.
Boys fetching water from a lake and selling it to the health center and in town. Photo: Gunvor E. Jakobsen / Kirkens Nødhjelp.

With funding from Poul Due Jensen Foundation, this water, sanitation and hygiene project have brought safe drinking water to the Marembo Health Center. The health centre has around 215 patients everyday, which means that 35 000 people now benefits from access to safe water every year.

The project established 3 solar-powered water pumping systems, a waste disposal system, and latrines in the health center to significally improve hygiene and sanitation. 230 people connected to the centre have receives thorough training in hygiene and public health and are local advocates for hygiene and health, as well as reducing hygiene risks in the community. The people that received training are children, adults, patients, staff and visitors.

The health centre is located in Kirundo Province in northern Burundi: an area where few other international NGOs operate. Having access to the skills and competence in Grundfos and Poul Due Foundation has been very valuable for Norwegian Church Aid. Through our partnership we’ve collectively made good decisions in the design of water systems, as well as Grundfos and Poul Due Jensen Foundation providing training in installing and maintenance after installation of the solar driven pumps to the local community. Involving the community in the whole process, from building to creating advocates and ownership is key to success and part of Norwegian Church Aids working method wherever we are.

Read more here about how the community has been involved in the building process as well as the work of giving neighbouring towns access to water through water kiosks.