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Beirut- On the verge of collapse

More than half of Beirut's population now lives below the poverty line. After the explosion, many are homeless, and the food shortage is huge. NCA works hard every day to meet major humanitarian needs

Corona pandemic is sweeping the globe

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has already made inroads into the world’s poorest countries. If not stopped, the consequences could be catastrophic. NCA is responding to the pandemic in many of these countries, focusing on protecting the most...

Rape is a weapon of war

Rape is used as a weapon in wars all over the World, but the perpetrators are rarely sanctioned.

More than 200 million women

No religion supports the practice of genital mutilation in their writings. Rather, both the Q​​ur'an and the Bible emphasis​e that all human beings are created​ in the image of God. Yet hundreds of thousands are mutilated each and every year.

NCA's Breaking the Silence Seminar

Sexual violence is one of the most horrific weapons in armed conflicts and a vast number of victims are men. NCA works with male survivors and we highlighted this important issue at the Nobel Peace Center. Learn more here.