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Hope in every drop of water

Six months ago, Malaz Mustafa (7) had to flee South Sudan to Darfur. Now she has found a safe haven with access to clean water, schools and health care.

Meet Beauty, one of our volunteers in Bangladesh

Our MFA funded WASH Project, with implementing partner NGOF, in the Teknaf area near the Rohingya refugee camps of Bangladesh lets volunteers help teach their communities about good hygiene. Beauty is one of these volunteers.

A Threat to Organized Civil Society

A new law in Guatemala threatens to criminalise civil society actors and has the authority to cancel NGOs if their actions are considered to impinge on "public order." Learn more about the situation and how it came about here.

“We will rebuild!"

The bombs have subsided and Gaza is in shambles, but a group of young volunteers remind us that there is always hope. Learn more about what is happening from the article published in VG featuring one of our DCA / NCA colleagues.

International Menstrual Hygiene Day

Did you know that 500 million girls lack sanitary products, safe toilets and showers when they have their period? They feel dirty, ashamed and dare not go to school or work.

UN warns: Pandemic leads to famine

Hunger follows in the wake of Corona. Up to 270 million people, more than twice as many as last year. Read the article published in the Norwegian newspapper VG featuring NCA`s work and photos from Håvard Bjelland.

"A desperate situation"

The military has deposed the President and Prime Minister in Mali. Here is the article published by Bistandsaktuelt featuring NCA`s Country Director in Mali, Anne Cath Seland.