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We need vaccine justice

NCA is engaged in advocacy towards vaccine equity, both in Norway and on a global level together with the ACT Alliance.

Norway votes

The Norwegian Parliamentary Election just took place. The choice that Norwegians will make means a lot - both in Norway and around the world.

The city that refuses to give up

For the second time, Gumuruk in South Sudan is almost leveled after brutal attacks. With help from NCA, the city rises again. - We neither can nor will fail the hard-hit population, says country manager Kari Øyen.

A wastewater oasis

NCA has been responsible for the water at the Hassa Hissa Camp since 2019. Today nine tanks provide water for 56,000 internally displaced people and, thanks to clever irrigation, a flourishing oasis.

Rebuilding after the storm

In the Tuneybah Camp, which has become a safe haven for refugees from war-torn Tigray, NCA is helping to rebuild after toilets, showers and tents were destroyed by rain and wind.