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The floods in Pakistan

The Floods in Pakistan

​This year, a heavy spell of monsoon rains in Pakistan has brought 87% times heavier than the average downpour.

A world in crisis

ACT Alliance Nordic members gathered in Oslo 25 August, and state the following: In an increasingly fragile world, where billions are facing conflict, increased poverty, food insecurity and climate disaster, we urge the Nordic countries to be champions...

Gang violence has increased sharply since the assassination of Haiti's president last year.

Crisis in Haiti

Like many others, I have had a holiday now, some abroad and some in Norway. Then I could put the work tasks down. But the concern for my colleagues in Haiti was difficult to put aside.

dignified period

A Dignified Period

”When I first had my period, it was difficult. I even hid for days during that time because I was afraid to talk about it," says Emahoye Welete Yohanese Mintesinote.

Comprehensive Sexuality education toolkit (CSE)

New CSE Toolkit

After two years of work NCA are happy to announce that we have developed a new Comprehensive Sexuality education toolkit (CSE) that can be uses both in long term and a humanitarian setting and in and out of school.

Mann i ruiner i Afghanistan

Earthquake in Afghanistan

NCA is currently working to get an overview of the extent of the damage and looking at how we can best respond with humanitarian aid to the earthquake victims in Afghanistan.

washing hands

This is how NCA work in disasters

When disaster strikes, we depend on having the means to act quickly. Thanks to the support from donors and partners, we are prepared to travel at short notice when we see a need that should be addressed.

Malawi women

After the floods

For a long period, NCA has been working with farmers in Malawi to make them more resilient to climate change. This has been more important than ever after the floods.