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Norwegian Church Aid with an executive leadership program

For the first time in Norwegian Church Aid’s history  we have created a global programme that focuses of developing leaders of different levels across the organisation. Together we will work on leadership skills in line with future needs and the goals of NCA.


Leaders are the most important person in the organisation for their staff. Leaders can make a huge difference on staff’s performance. They can make a big difference in how the rightsholders perceive our help. 

Developing talent

To be a good leader your values, attitude, ability and willingness to learn is important. 

When I say, “the right attitude”, I think about having a growth mindset.  

If you have a growth mindset you believe that your talent can be developed through hard work, good strategies, and input from others. 

I hope experienced leader want to share their experience with others.  

In 2019 we introduced a new version of the Global Leadership Platform. This framework is important to us. I am now happy to invite leaders with staff responsibility, to attend the NCA Executive Leadership Programme.  

Our goal for the Leadership programme is to enable leaders to perform at their very best, to reach our organisational goals. 

This programme seeks to increase leader’s perception of purpose, self efficacy and their understanding of the leadership role. 

Combining theory and practice, the programme aims to equip participants with leadership skills for the complex context they are working in. 

They will explore their strengths and weaknesses as a leader, and how to lead in times of change and disruption. 

Sharing expertise

The Norwegian Church Aid Executive Leadership program integrates webinars, video-lectures, workshops, colleague-groups, mentor-conversations and on-the-job-training. We will focus on collaborative learning through discussions and sharing experiences.  

During this 8-months program they will meet a number of professionals both from NCA and external guests. They will share their expertise, insights and opinions through webinars and video lectures. 

To get a perfect learning experience for all participants we have established co-operations with VID Specialized University, Master Management Norway and Lockstep. I hope our leaders will enjoy this program made specially for them! 

Strong collaboration with this expertise

VID Specialized University

VID Specialized University is an accredited, private higher education institution. With approximately 525 employees and 5290 students VID is the third largest private higher education institutions in Norway. 

VID Specialized University undertakes education and research in the fields of health and social sciences, educational science, management, diaconia and theology.  

VID School of values-based leadership and innovation 

The Centre for Values-Based Leadership and Innovation undertakes assignments on commission for further education, research, training courses and guidance in the areas of leadership, organisational development and social innovation. 

The centre has high competence in the area of practice-related leadership research and leadership training, with a focus on value development and organisational development, social innovation and cross-sectoral partnership, guidance on ethical reflection, conflict resolution and volunteerism. 

Master Management Norway

Master is a leading Scandinavian developer of work psychological tests that are used for strategic and effective HR and management work. The main purpose of the tools is to strengthen the work of recruiting and developing employees. 

They are based in South Africa, and describes themselves as a tribe of leadership practitioners, working towards the shared goal of enabling leaders of the finest caliber. Their team members are industry experts with a wealth of corporate business experience.